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Detective Amelia Stephenson has relocated to Tucson, Arizona from Philadelphia. Teamed up now with her handsome partner Manual Corroda they find themselves tracking something monstrous that is brutally slaying innocent citizens…

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My first horror novel, “RAVEN’S WAY“, was released in June 2006. You can learn more about this novel and its main characters Johnny Raven (and his wolfish ways ), along with detective Kathleen Morello on the page Raven’s Way. Follow the action and horrific suspense as wolves rule the night in Philadelphia and Kathleen Morello learns that there are more ways of living other than human.

AND NOW….I can finally say that the follow-up, “Raven’s Rage – Order of the Claw” has been completed and is AVAILABLE NOW!

At present I am working my first fantasy novel titled, “Scrolls of Sorrow“, which actually is a long, multiple-part epic poem that I’ve brought to novel form. It will be different and unique, along with my propensity for shape shifting. Both also have their own special pages here in the den and I’ve posted the first chapters for your reading enjoyment. Afterwards, I would love to hear your comments.

With “Raven’s Rage” now released, I’m also hoping that “Scrolls of Sorrow” will be completed by years end. If you are interested in being contacted personally about obtaining a signed copy of either book, please enter your e-mail information in my guestbook letting me know that you would like to hear from me and I will most assuredly contact you.

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