A Sleep of Dreams

a sleep of dreams kerry l marzock

A Sleep of Dreams~~PT I

It’s quiet ~~~ so hauntingly quiet!
The soft warbling of a courting sparrow
flows serenely amid the gurgling sigh
upon a stream in tranquil flow.
A breeze whistles breathessly through
the treetops, gently whispering your name ~~~
sweet key to thine heart.

Oh my beloved, where art thou?
I continue to slowly drift
in silent loneliness, awaiting
the firm press of your lips
to arouse me, to awaken my desire,
to unlock this magical spell
to whence I’ve slipped.

Lost amid these fading dreams
I see you in mist and reach desperately
to caress your smile, to touch
the gleam within your eyes, and let
my yearning fingertips trace
the contours of your face.
Oh please awaken me.
I beseech thee!

My tears moan through this evil
darkness cast upon me by Brucella, spread
o’er top like a shroud from Darkando’s wings.
Endorra and Eelanna whisper Shandorra,
as Keriether cries out to her smiling rose.
I weep ~ for I know not who they call out to.

So I continue a sleep of loneliness,
sweet repose of angels ~~ a slumber of sorrow.
Prescient dreams turn to nightmares, a love
evaporating to dust, anxious tears racing frantically
upon dark, raging dreams
not destined to see tomorrow.
Silently I await your kiss, locked
away in my reticent nocturne.

(c) Kerry Marzock

kerry l marzock poet and author

A Kiss So Bittersweet ~~ PT II

My Prince, you come to me in shadows.
You have appeared to me in mist.
Will this sleep of dreams be near an end?
How my urgent lips await your hungry kiss.

Dear sweet love of frenzied passion,
my pure paragon of desire,
please hold me tight within your arms
to then soar away on wings of perfect rapture.

I sense you here beside me.
I can hear thine heartbeat matching mine.
My prayers to you now come alive
as lips unite, a kiss divine.

Hearts afire, my eyes aflutter,
I see your smiling eyes above me.
My paramour has come to fulfill my dreams, to hold
me close, oh how much I’ve longed to meet thee.

Yet I feel an abhorrent darkness hovering,
as I hear your breath fade to such a tragic end.
My anguished tears drip sadly upon your face,
envisioning a loss I shan’t ever comprehend.

B’neath black storm clouds from Darkando’s wings
oozed a voice that rained down fears.
“Do you truely think my dear that a kiss so much desired
could ever release you from your prison of tears?”

“Tis’ true that you could be awakened in one hundred years
by the amorous love and devotion of another.
Alas my little beauty, the kiss that set you free came far too late
and has stolen the final breath from your ill-fated lover.”

Amidst the cackling laugh of Brucella, a tarnished,
silver goblet appeared beside a blood-red rose.
” You have but three choices my fair-haired beauty, for how
you choose only your tortured heart can know.”

“Stay awake to live and know your kiss thus slew your Prince.
Prick your finger upon the rose’s thorn and sleep once more.
Sip from the goblet and unite with your lover forever.
So now my Beauty, is your dream of love worth dying for?”

The wicked voice echoed under rolling thunder
as the evil fairy and her diabolic raven flew away.
A brilliant sun appeared, bathing us in love’s pure afterglow.
“Oh my sweet Prince, without you beside me I cannot stay.”

My shaking fingers grasped the poisoned chalice,
fully aware our love surpassed all that death did now portend.
I then slowly brought my fate to touch a quivering mouth,
thus forever uniting our love and bring this nightmare to an end.

(c) Kerry Marzock

Unbroken Love ~~ PT III

I felt like I was gently flying,
but with the bitter taste of hemlock
still brushed upon my lips.
Our names were being whispered
on sighs throughout the sobbing woods,
happiness found for but a fleeting moment
before a spurned and hateful fairy
cast our love upon the winds.
An angry storm of tragedy
that had me calling out,
“My Prince of Hearts,
where art thou?”
Heaven’s door
now a wall
of broken

“I am here my love,”
came your firm and gentle voice.
“Reach out for me and grasp
my trembling hand so we
may spend eternity together,
our hearts as one at last.”
I extend my hand and feel your
warm fingertips brush mine,
a feeling so divine.

My eyes fluttered open and there you were,
my Prince of Passion, the man who set
me free so that upon my kiss
your fate was sealed with
mine ~~ forever more.
You wiped a tear from my eye
and enwrapped me in your embrace.
Oh lord, thank heaven my sleep of dreams
this time will be where angels soar.
I gazed up at your handsome face
and whispered softly against
your beating chest,
“I love you so.”

Suddenly, before he had a chance to answer,
I felt myself falling backwards,
still desperately holding on to him, afraid to let go,
screaming atop the swirling winds,
“Dont release me my love.”
Propelled into darkness and light, flashing broken
shadows spinning past my crazed eyes,
we found ourselves lying on firm ground,
completely encircled in a massive, glowing bubble.
Shrills of agitated fairies chanting,

“Double bubble, toil and trouble,
break this spell of poisoned kisses.
Grumble, mumble, boil and stubble,
return to us our Prince and Princess.”

With a loud POP, POP, POP the bubble burst,
spilling us at the feet of Keriether who danced in glee.
A grinning Endorra and Eelana, with great flourish,
stashed away their magical dust of roses and ambergris.
My arms still tightly holding onto my Prince
I smiled fondly into his eyes,
“Is this real my love, are we alive?”

“Yes, yes, yes pretty Princess,” jabbered Endorra,
“Do you think we would let our Richard and Shandorra
be taken from us by a fallen fairy?”

I smiled and turned to face my Prince.
“Please take me in your arms and never let me go.
My enchanted heart is yours forever,
never to spend a moment not thinking of you.
Let my kisses now enrapture, let our hearts
be thus enamored, let this spell of love
and passion be our life’s ambition.”
Then he swept me in his arms,
unafraid to kiss me once again.

“I am yours from now until forever,”
he proclaimed, for all the world to hear.
“My love for you will
never ever end.”

(c) Kerry Marzock