About Kerry

There is something about the night spread out peacefully below a full moon that awakens our deepest desires, sparks the urge to do things one might never consider, allow your inner beast to appear. Even if that glorious moon is hid amid dark storm clouds, or suspended above a dense, mysterious mist, the urge to emerge as someone, or even some ‘thing’ else, is totally unrelenting. And so wings are spread, paws pound upon the ground, growls and roars shake apart the night’s normal peaceful stillness. The thin edges of reality tear apart for precious moments, allowing creatures of legend and myth to awaken and explore this world we now share.

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Upon those nights I am the Mystic Wolf, prowler of your dreams, beast of your nightmares, a reason for those darkest fears. However, in human form my name is Kerry Marzock. As a child I was far from frightened watching Lon Chaney, Jr, change from man to wolfish beast leaning against that tree upon the foggy moors. Rather, it sparked an inner desire to always dream of becoming, evolving, growing into somebody else, or even that mysterious ‘some’ thing our nightmares covet. It also provided me the never-ending need to read voraciously, which appropriately helped create an undying love of literature and the written word. Books became knowledge and the pathway to worlds I could never imagine visiting, dreaming of being kings and queens, heroes and villains, warriors and monsters. Change was important, alteration of form vital, adventure and danger pure intoxication. It was quickly apparent that the genre I became so deeply enthralled with was naturally horror and science fiction. After all, what is a better genre in literature for a creature from your mystic dreams?

My monster of choice was and always will be, the werewolf or shape-shifter, though we ourselves are not the beast who haunts your nightmares. I guess there’s just something romantic about shifting shapes and running as the beast under a full moon. But alas, reality is what happens so actually becoming, manifesting, and desiring changes for me evolved into reading and then writing. My first book released back in 2006, “A Sea of Emotion”, comprised of a sweet poetic recipe made up with a cup of happiness, several tablespoons of love and sensuality, a teaspoon of pain, and just a dash of darkness. Poetry allows us a path to release pent up emotions, a cathartic avenue for deep feelings to emerge in the form of anger, desire, love, hate, need, and those dreams that seem to hover just beyond your fingertips. Though I love poetry, both writing and reading it, fiction and novels were always my deepest desire and I knew someday it would happen.

Philadelphia has now been my home for over forty-three years, and I truly love this city. As a result, my Raven series is set primarily in this lovely, historic, mysterious city. My first novel, “Raven’s Way”, was released in 2006 and the follow-up, “Raven’s Rage”, in 2009. To say I was not exceedingly proud and absolutely tickled pink would be a monstrous understatement. A lifetime of writing poetry on tablets and within notebooks, even on scraps of paper, finally came forth in “A Sea of Emotion”. My dream became reality with the release of “Raven’s Way”, and then my writing of fiction became cemented with my second novel, “Raven’s Rage – Order of the Claw”. It is now an un-relenting part of my life. I say ‘part’ because it does share space with working a full-time job which I love so that makes it somewhat easier though exasperating when I sometimes can’t find the precious writing time I yearn for.

Forever being a hopeless romantic, I certainly know what sadness, confusion, love, and curling up with somebody special means. As a result, I hope you enjoy reading about all my personal feelings in “A Sea of Emotion”, and also feel that my words might touch your own heart in such a way that the emotions and teardrops are yours as well. However, remember that when the moon is full, those howls in the darkness you hear may not always be the lonely, mournful dog in the neighborhood, for the mystic wolf is not only real, but she is part of your dreams as well.

Currently residing in the hilliest and one of the woodiest areas of Philadelphia, I shared my life with my loving husband Richard and my beautiful and adorable, but most definitely stubborn dog Rain. They were a huge part of my life, but sadly my Richard passed away on April 13, 2015, and Rain had crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years before that. However, that intrepid and brave dog is a very big part of my Raven novels, and much more than just a little old tail-wagging, doggie. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss them both.

In 2011 another book of poetry, along with assorted short stories titled, “Along a Burning Highway” was released. It is comprised of poems of love, passing into darkness, and then followed by eight dark/fantasy short stories. Also at the end are the first chapters of both Raven novels.

In 2017 my third novel, “The Reptilian Factor” was published and released by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing. I crawled over to the science fiction genre for this one and feel that it’s a wonderfully intoxicating mix of the old monsters from the 60’s/70’s, alien and predator combined, and the love of aliens with some really cool twists and turns for my main character, police detective Amelia (Amy) Stephenson. Her life will never be the same, as well the beautiful desert terrain of Tucson, Arizona.

In addition, I am currently working on my first fantasy novel titled, “Scrolls of Sorrow”, set in the fantastical world known as Sorrow. If the reality and hardships of normal everyday life don’t get in my way, I firmly believe it will be released in 2019. As for Johnny Raven, Kathleen Morello, and my loving dog ‘Rain’, their adventures have already begun forming in the third Raven novel to be titled, “Raven Unleashed”, which will hopefully be even more exciting, dangerous, and horrifying than the first two.

So the following sections of this site contain the first chapters of each novel, ones published and ones to come later, and other areas displaying poetry and short stories. You can also leap on over to my Blog where you can read about my everyday life, hopefully more good than bad. I will continue adding pieces that I’ve written, as well as those still within my crazy imagination. My hope is that you allow yourself to get lost in my wolfish den, and fantasy world, for just a little while, thus escaping the difficulties of normal everyday life. Stay for a while, come back to visit from time to time, and please sign the guestbook so I’ll know that you stopped by. Please leave me a message as to what you thought and I’ll always be looking for ways to enhance this site so don’t be shy about leaving suggestions. There will also be some exciting changes down the road (possibly in the way of short videos) so look for them, and if you leave me an e-mail address then I can let you know of those changes as they occur, as well as upcoming events.

Thanks for visiting my world and please take that precious time to read, whether it’s my work or that of somebody else. Reading allows us to escape into other worlds, sharing the make believe (and sometimes true) lives of others, and fills that silent void of hungering to always be somebody, or some ‘thing’, else. I also want to express my deepest appreciation to Paul Sherman who helped create this new world for me. I could not have done it without him. And if you’re looking to start, change, or enhance your current website then I would highly recommend his professional and friendly services. Look for his link at the bottom of the page. So get a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a donut or biscuit, and read. Nothing makes an author more happy. Can you hear that plaintive howl? It’s me so welcome and thank you.