Along a Burning Highway

along a burning highway

Below is a sample of the poetry within the book. The book will also contain some short stories, a few of which are in the Short Story section. I hope you enjoy and want to read more.


Can you hear the painful sobbing?
….deeply forlorn and weary worn beneath an angry sky
of chiseled gray, crimson teardrops fall in agony
drowning out these fractured thoughts of you
that cast a tortured spell upon this burning highway.

Can you smell the searing stench?
….sadly desolate and teary torn across this broken pavement,
through charcoal mist of leering gaze and veil of heartless scorn,
sunken, empty eyes forever sigh as harsh winds scream
in pleading shrieks a top this burning highway.

Can you feel the torrid scorching?
….while you kneel and pray on ragged thorns spread a top
this ragged tarmac, arms spread akimbo in silent supplication,
tragic hearts ablaze upon black silent wings of crows that soar
away with shattered dreams above this burning highway.

Can you see the raging flames?
….amid lost nights and aimless days now shorn of kisses
once divine, a darkened fog of unheard prayers, anger so benign.
Day becomes night as night begets sorrow now adrift upon
this burning highway, charred hopes tossed upon the pavement’s edge ….

Can you find the broken heart?
….a seared and dying rose lies scorned, forever lost and godforsaken,
still longing for that kiss, sweet lips of dreams and breathless sighs
now brushed a vivid, scarlet red ~ ~ enraged and a’flame ~ ~
so frightened and alone amid icy, midnight bliss.

~~ now forever lost along a burning highway ~~


It’s been such a long time since I held you,
remembering how the electricity raced through my arms
that I often wonder if it was all just a distant memory.
A mirrored reflection within a crystal cool,
mountain pool that shimmers and ripples,
emerging into sharp focus briefly,
then quickly losing shape, hauntingly teasing urgent
desire and longing before sadly evaporating
forever amid the glimmering haze of love.

Yet even still, each time I allow your name to caress
the frayed edges of my mind I feel like a white rose
a’ bloom in all its pure, summery glory.
Covered by the softness of night, my heart bursts
like a super nova of creamy vanilla and golden wheat
softly brushing my senses with a thirst, a rabid hunger
to become lost within your warm embrace,
my thoughts crying out how much I’ve missed you
locked inside these lonely nights and silent days.


Falling in love with you was the easy part,
your magical personality, that cool but silent grace.
The sheer tenderness of your sweet and soothing voice
that reached deep within to gently massage this frantic heart.
Anxious fingertips softly traced the contours of your face,
teardrops breaking free at just the frightening notion
we could sadly ever painfully drift apart.

It hurts so much to love you that at night,
when urgent loneliness is so pervasive,
all that’s left is to cry myself to sleep.

It’s so easy to become entangled inside a tricky web of love,
while frantically plunging off a terrifying precipice
to tumble forever deeper from a ragged edge
of shattered pain above, reeling head over heels
toward an unknown rocky shore, captured securely
in thoughts of love rarely ever touched before,
wondering if true love will again grace this open door?

It hurts so much to want you
when you’re not around that I can’t help
but let this heart cry out, so impossible not to weep.

You know when a heart is torn and fragile, so ever breakable
~ spinning, lost and whirling ~ no longer in control.
Yet that knowledge still makes loving you undeniable,
forever worth the painful risk for even the slightest moment
of no longer having that special thrill of holding
you so tight, feeling two hearts beat as one
in true alignment deep into the night.

It hurts so much to need you
when times get tough, days of loneliness utter hell,
that it’s the memories and tenderness one yearned to keep.

To lie nestled and safe within a deep and warm embrace,
amid love’s pure rapture ~ oh ~ be still the night.
Yet, I’ve come to realize that deep within this silent heart,
echoes of love now such a long and whispered sigh,
was sadly dry, forlornly lost before you came.
Falling in love with you then was just the start,

my life enriched forever and never again to be the same.


* ~ * ~ *

Pure night of bliss
~ a gentle kiss ~
sweet scent of you
upon these crimson lips.

* ~ *

Warm wistful sighs
~ soft, midnight eyes ~
I call you forth to
seek these anxious hips.

* ~ *

Come to me now
~ as silence wanes ~
Oh, let me bow
o’er lover’s smooth refrain.

* ~ *

Ever lost in hot embrace
~ our passion screams ~
a smile now etched upon your face,
adrift on starlit dreams.

* ~ *

Soft satin thoughts
~ hot desires quenched ~
’twas you I sought.
Please let it never end.

* ~ * ~ *


It rolls across my tongue,
such a vile, acrid taste of bittersweet acrimony.
Those final words so sharp, slicing across
this wasteland that is now my withered heart, seared
like hot, blowing sands from stifling desert winds.
This bittersweet taste seeps
into tortured thoughts, all desire
crushed to dust, dreams now splayed
apart as stretching sinew screams.
This wretched taste of loss
so consuming that it rips away
the fabric of who I am, prayers I
once so desperately held onto now lost,
the hope of smiles and happiness
a’ float on waves of deepest despair.
Your words have sent this ship a’ sail
to who knows where?

Down ~ down ~ reeling

into a dark, lonely chasm to which all lost souls fall,
burnt ashes of tortured hearts lying tearfully,
forever piled upon one another, a horrifying
funeral pyre where dreams have died away.
I can hear the children of the night singing
their song of farewell, your words echoing
within my ears to forever last a lifetime.
This acerbic taste of bittersweet farewell
to lie painfully upon my bed of silence,
blackened ashes of a lost heart
blowing through darkened clouds,
along lonely streets, beneath
moonless nights and starless skies,
to now float forever upon a sea
of bittersweet existence.


Roses dying,
pinks of softness
fade away.

Lonely breezes sighing,
somber grays of darkness
lie upon yesterday.

Happiness now flying
on wings of blue tomorrows,
smiles no longer shining.

Empty tears of sorrow
pine again for loving days,
such sweet desires rising.

Thoughts of you in purple haze,
hearts so once defining,
have I lost you on the ‘morrow?

Fading dreams of buttered skies
drift away on timeless rhyming,

your name at rest upon these lips.


Dried and brittle leaves fluttered down
in a zany race to see which one would be first to kiss the ground,
spreading wide a gorgeous, vibrant gown of fall colors.
In such a painful, melancholy way, it resembled
these hollow tears I’ve shed for you now
that you are no longer around.

Flashes from a bright, scintillating sun
sliced imploringly through partially nude trees,
welcoming warmth unable to break apart
a stubborn, imposing phalanx of unheard pleas.
Passing cars whip up the tiny red and yellow
pieces of fall into questioning tornadoes.

Suddenly, the wind roared like an angry lion,
scattering a skirt of frightened, brownish-orange leaves
like a terrified herd of stampeding bison crossing a raging river.
A strong, forceful gale brushed against my shuttered eyes to
try and wash away such feelings of haunting melancholy.
Sadly, this cleansing wind was simply temporary.

Smiling at two dogs as they romped and played
happily amidst this lush, fall harvest of leaves,
comically chasing a soccer ball and then each other,
I wondered if perchance their innocence would possibly
rub off to brush this vast emptiness with a stroke of romance?
Leaves fell painting another melancholy tapestry of a fall day.


Darkness descends
upon these bleakest days,
an endless parade of memories
that robs me of what light yet still remains,
your smile of radiance, those eyes
that glittered gaily in the sun whenever you
gazed at only me.

Your untimely death a tragedy
I will never understand, walking aimlessly
along the water’s edge, my hand so
empty, yet still the feel of your fingers
caress my palm, the lapping waves whispering
your name, salty tears descending down to
lips – the kiss that o’er remains.

I linger beside your graveside, longer days
and lonely nights that forever have no meaning,
no purpose, other than to tell you over and over
how much I yearn to be together once again.
There are always those who state that life
goes on, that all will be as once it was,
but loving you is all I am.

Now there is no day, or night, just a deep
longing that seems to never end ~ and so ~
I close my eyes to see your smiling face,
arms and hands outstretched to touch the reaching
fingertips of mine, heartbeat fading to a deathly silence.
Though soft breath of here and now may be gone,
the grace of love is ours forever.


shattered pieces
fallen snow
frozen teardrops
please let me go ~

broken mirror
pieces splayed
eyes downcast
the end of days ~ ~

fractured heart
burning sun
hands outstretched
our love now done ~ ~ ~

splintered dreams
lonely nights
darkness here
there’s no more light ~ ~ ~ ~

broken pictures
fractured glass
splintered hopes
life shattered at last ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Murderous minds
Underneath moonless skies,
Rage blinding behind soulless eyes
Damnation cries, evilly etched in blood.
Either mine or yours, but does it really matter?
Reckless thoughts of hate and anger now splattered
Right across my heart, split apart by crimson tears.
Either yours or mine, should it really matter?
Darkness reigns where love once ruled.
Remember whispered lonely sighs
Under empty, starless skies.
Murder thus revisited.

The mirror screams…..



R  E D  R  U  M


A rabid, howling moon reaches out to grab
my strangled throat with craving, hungry claws,
the insanity of lunar midnight now driving me insane.
My fingers curl into nervous, anxious paws,
the curse of being once bitten by infected teeth
bathed in angry, yellow-hooded wolfs-bane.

Searing pain shrieks violently through skin and bone
while beseeching moonbeams scratch and rip away
all straggling shreds of lost humanity.
The sharp echo of altering joints and the scream
of stretching sinew blend together as
call of the wild howls a sad farewell to society.

Nostrils widely flared in anticipating delight,
a hunter’s golden eyes now searching for wary prey,
ears twitching forward at the mewling cry
of frightened beasts now cowering in the night.
The dizzying rush of desire for the taste of hot blood
torn from flesh once alive now races through my veins.

The ravenous moon has called my name once more
as I stand in regal silhouette on grizzled hillock,
bathed within the glow of silver moonbeams.
I toss my head skyward, gleaming fangs
snapping angrily at grinning stars
lost in heavens’ angry roar.

A growl of primal terror builds to soulful lament as
man and wolf combine to sing in lonely harmony.
The mind of man now locked inside
the shadow of a beast, to rip and claw and tear,
but to forever cry and pray for
everlasting peace.


Foreboding wings of darkness spread
as raven soared on thermals of dire dread.
Ominous shadows snaked eerily before the moon
while rays of silver splashed across a scene of deathly doom.

Upon the ground below lay a small, secluded meadow,
stark in horror, ghastly silent beneath a crisp blanket of snow.
One massive and vicious wolf, a baneful marauder,
stood with golden eyes ablaze amid malicious slaughter.

Moonlight glared down upon this frightful scene of death,
fangs of the beast dripping blood through wild and feral breath.
Vengeance now wrought upon the bodies of his enemies,
he howled his rage skyward, a song of pain and lost humanity.

With a startling whoosh of wings came a shriek of sorrow.
Black raven alit upon a barren tree amid the wolf’s lonely arpeggio.
Surrounded by carnage and mayhem, the beast stared down
upon the body of his mate, echoes of his tears striking the ground.

Lowering himself, he snuggled against her lush fur, a beast in form,
distraught from the loss of his love, this female once a woman born.
Rising, he altered his shape amid growls of human anguish
torn from snapping jaws, howls of lupine rage spread a top the vanquished.

A raven cawed as shadows crept to the far side of midnight.
Upon two human legs, his bloodied skin glistened in the moonlight.
His life now shreds of torn humanity, now forever lost without his mate.
The man held this she-wolf within his arms, his eyes ablaze with hate.

Falling tears melted the snow around his feet as he said good-bye.
Upon the cusp of midnight, he howled in pain for the woman who had died.
Forsaking all humanity, the wolf left in rage, a dark harbinger of doom
as he stalked his prey, embittered and alone, beneath the raven’s moon.