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The Reptilian Factor

Detective Amelia Stephenson has relocated to Tucson, Arizona from Philadelphia. Teamed up now with her handsome partner Manual Corroda they find themselves tracking something monstrous that is brutally slaying innocent citizens.
However, what they come to realize is that what they are searching for is not of this world. It is not only bent on revenge after being held captive for many years, it is now stalking Amelia. The detective also has begun to remember frightening memories from her early childhood that makes her a very special person possessing unique abilities to wage combat against this alien creature.
The end is explosively violent. An ending that has Amelia wondering if she will survive.


ravens way
Raven’s Way

This is Kerry’s first novel. Raven’s Way is a journey of blood and death, romance and revenge, taking place on the streets of Philadelphia, where no one is safe… a must read, a must buy!! 296 pages of intense action.

Book Review: From the first page of Kerry L. Marzock’s book, Raven’s Way, the reader will know the thrill of discovering a wonderful writer. Raven’s Way is a most unusual and original adventure like no other the reader has encountered. The plot is fast and furious with surprises at every turn. The reader will experience the wonder of meeting a new race of beings with a world both unseen and unknown by man. Her hero, Johnny, is the most original character to be presented to the reading public in a long time and one of the most fascinating. Kathleen, the heroine, is a strong-willed homicide detective whose life will be completely turned upside down. This novel is an adventure story, a horror story, a love story, a story of betrayal, a murder investigation, and a story of hope. Any reader will not be able to put this book down as the author skillfully builds the suspense with each page. – Joree Williams

ravens rage
Raven’s Rage

This is the long awaited sequel to Raven’s Way, following the challenges of Johnny Raven as he exacts revenge on the creatures that devastated his life. Set in the darkness of historic Philadelphia, this story will take you deeper into the realm of the the city’s rulers of the night. Their blood lust is more terrifying than ever and Johnny Raven intends to give them more than they could wish for, in the climactic battle set in the ruins of one of Philadelphia’s most eerie and infamous institutions.

The Reptilian Factor, Raven’s Rage & Raven’s Way available at Soul Asylum, Amazon and

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Raven’s Way also available at Indigo