So here it is early in the morning 2/18/22 – a cold Friday – and I’m in Canton, Ohio. Yep, not in Philly no mo’. Due to the nightmare of Hurricane Ida which destroyed our mobile home along the beautiful Schuylkill River on River Road in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia back on 9/2/21 we eventually moved out here to Canton. Why Canton, Ohio you might ask?

Well, after living in a hotel for two and a half months in Plymouth Meeting, and having a really hard time getting approved for an apartment, we decided to drive out here where Sela is from to see if we could find a new home. It wasn’t anything due to being unable to pay a new rent in Philly. It was because of the stupid and unfair rule of needing to show 3 1/2 times income vs rent. After retiring in August 2022 my income became only social security so we kept getting rejected for not showing enough income. My wolffish response to that is grrrrrrrrr. But we came here and within 5 days landed a really nice house to rent. Thank you Ohio. Screw you apartment houses in Philly.

But that’s past and I’ll write more regarding the Ida nightmare. Now we’re happy with s nice place to live and so my precious Cleo can run around like a crazy cat. Now it’s getting my writing back on track I will be attending the Tucson Festival of Books on 3/12-13. Looking forward to that, signing copies of “Raven’s Way” which is being re-released in March. My other novels, “Raven’s Rage” and “The Reptilian Factor” will be re-released shortly thereafter. Also will redo “Along A Burning Highway” later in the year. Also try and finish “Scrolls of Sorrow”, and then work in the third Raven novel.

But I’m back and will blog more often now. I had to figure out how to get back in so I could post more.