Poetry From My Special Friends

This is a page that I’ve added to honor some wonderful and beautiful work from a number of my special friends and fantastic writers. Please enjoy and feel free to make any comments in the visitor’s book . I will surely pass your comments on to these exquisite writers.

This poem is written by Paggles, an excellent poet and writer, as well as being a member of the Black Rose Poetry Society, a group of unique and superb writers.

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Stormy weather, pelting pain,
lightning strikes the soul again.
Thunderous booming, darkness looming,
wretched be the fallen slain.

Rolling reefs of gathered gloom,
bleeds of blackened, dreary doom.
Pitter-patter, red the splatter,
wailing windows in each room.

Confined within the grayish matter,
thoughts but mangled endless clatter.
Drowning ~ howling ~ scoffing ~ scowling
emotions wrought with grief do shatter.

As torment stakes its’ hostile claim,
the culprit cares not whose to blame.
Lights are blinding, pain reminding,
never will the beast be tame.

And if you were to split the cowling,
glimpse a eyeful of its’ prowling,
pray make haste, no time to waste.
Snatch the beast that’s come a fouling.

Tornadic winds now slow to breeze
when agony does finally ease.
Weak and eerie, drained and weary,
spent and wasted, brought to knees.

Thankful for its’ final passing,
rest can now be somewhat lasting.
Lingered pain, now gone the migraine,
head now weak from all its’ blasting.

@2005 Paggles

Darkness of Midnight

In the darkness of midnight

Haunting shadows scream with fury.

Is anyone listening?

With darkness of midnight

Tears silently drown her dreams.

She wakes in a horrified state.

Nightmares rule

Curled in a corner she remains.

Fear and fright are now her sanctuary.

Darkness filling her every thought

Feelings of aloneness, she makes peace.

She is locked away within darkness now.

In the darkness of midnight

Haunting shadows scream with fury.

Are you listening?

© Steve Gillespie