The nefarious breath of death
lingers ~ ~ fingers
draped across my shoulders
like a monstrous shroud, an evil,
malingering cloud of tarnished dreams.

Sighing….someone’s crying as absolute
darkness whispers within my ears,
grating ~ ~ scraping
down my spine.
Shifting sands of endless time spilt
from a fractured, shattered hourglass.

It’s so damn cold in here!
Anguished thoughts shivering painfully
within this plea of supplication,
swirling river of salvation
raging ~ ~ waging
a battle of lost hearts, reaching out
to touch a spark within this feral darkness.

A pin prick of light
from within absolute midnight,
appearing ~ ~ nearing
where I float amidst such anxiety.
Screams of long forgotten dreams assail my senses
as I see a deranged face emerge from darkness.
It grins and tries to caress me …..

I cringe as boney talons scrape against my cheek.
Startled eyes fly open, this frantic heart
now beating insanely ~ seeking ~
peering ~ at my own reflection
disappearing in total blackness.
My urgent hand falls
frantically across the sheets and …..

lies upon bittersweet rejection,
as unholy darkness screams
out to me again.


Inside darkened thoughts I pace these halls,
grimmest mask of dire death upon me.
Hear the hiss of evil cry out in tortured minds,
with crimson blade of steel our downfall.

It appears but once upon the bluish moon,
this devilish breath of blackened ash.
Rank stench of blood pervades the air,
my steps the tragic echo of silent doom.

Future hopes are lost ~ this darkened soul as well ~
no point of prayer ~ Hell ~ no one left to hear me.
Listen to the chorus of inner demons moan a song of death,
haunted howls of midnight where only darkness dwells.

House of rooms all painted black, all but save the candled light,
seems to fit this evil heart that breathes within me now.
Blood droplets drip from honed tip of steel
as the beds upstairs reveal such ghastly sights.

Sane thoughts now lost ~ a hiss from Satan’s sleep.
A tap of tiny fingers now rap upon my door.
Red blade clutched tight, this darkening enshrouds me,
as childish voices echo ~
“Trick or Treat ~
Trick or Treat” .


Darkness reigns
upon these fractured dreams
~~like chocolate~~
bitter sweet upon the tongue.

It slowly sweeps
before these eyes and seems
to block beatific visions sung
in melodies now stained
under dark and lonely skies.

Let death
be not the answer wished as
sorrow steals your
final breath.

to the blackness creep
upon these broken hearts
as wings of darkness
call us home
where nightmares
never end in sorrow
shared alone.

Sky expands and cries aloud to empty
tears now shed upon tomorrow.
For day is done and night
shall never cease to be,
black wings of death
sweep over thee.
The Crow Man commeth
soon for me.


Often the devil comes wearing different masks so be prepared to share the waltz of death. For when the voice says “last dance” it could in fact be true no matter how painful.

Harsh, accusing neon lights
reflect garishly off a smut-stained window,
just another Big Apple, midnight city rainbow.
A kaleidoscope of pulsing signs screaming out …..

“PRIVATE ROOMS – $10.00”

A flashing, nearly empty, pink and green champagne glass
leans precariously against an out-of-place, lonely
palm tree, its barren leaves not moving a hair
within this chilly, early May, forlorn air.
Sadly, it seems to be just another grim,
haunting, New York City nightmare.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The young woman lay sprawled across an empty floor
comprised of large and cold, black and white tiles.
A slowly spreading pool of dark crimson
encircled a mass of long, lush, auburn hair that
softly framed her battered, but pretty face.
Ragged pieces of tattered silk and lace
partially covered up her nude exterior, finally afloat
for at least awhile in an oasis free
from painful torment.

It was simply a date with kismet.
Nothing more than a single innocent hello,
lost within one more boring night of vacant smiles.
Merely a few more angry drinks lined in a row
much like a parade of half-drunken soldiers
staggering madly down a tear-stained bar.
She wondered if her lost, empty life
could become much worse.
Misty-eyed, she traced a lonely question mark
upon a sweaty glass of Jack Daniels.

“So, would you like to get out of here?”
She gazed up at this stranger with sandy brown hair
and what appeared to be a friendly smile.
Mmmm, he did have those baby-blue, bedroom eyes.
She touched his cheek and sighed,
“Sure honey, you look safe enough to me.”
Passing through the austere, black and red doorway
she winked at her roommate, holding up
and shaking their apartment key.
* * * * * * *
An overturned, broken lamp
lay crumpled against a faded blue wall,
still casting a God-forsaken, haunting glow
across a cracked, dingy white ceiling.
It writhed painfully, as if a gruesome Danse Macabre
angrily kissed the rumpled, blood-stained sheets.
A solitary ceiling fan groaned a steady
mantra within her fading threads of
unsteady consciousness.
Realizing death might be near, she was aware
that to dance with the Devil was something
to fear. But, who knew the beast could
ever have such sweet, baby-blues?

A solitary sigh
escaped her broken lips.
She had no cause to be alarmed
for in a way she welcomed death,
a fitting epilogue to a life unfulfilled.
The sad disappointment would be to simply die
alone lying upon this cold and barren floor,
her stark white nudity awash beneath a flashing
neon dress, peacefully waiting to whisper
a final farewell with what breath remained
to a life that seemed to hold no promise.
“Oh … my … God …” came the voice of an angel
breaking through the gauzy veil of blood-stained mist.
The stark garishness from a judgmental light bulb
tried to slice through a narrow slit in one eye
as she attempted to crack a crooked smile.
With just the barest hint of a whisper, she asked
“What … took you … so long?”
This young woman had in fact fought desperately
to remain awake, and thus, to stay alive.
At last, she succumbed to the welcoming darkness,
her midnight dance with the devil just one more
painful step along hell’s darkened highway.


Can you feel it?
slithering around your ankles
like thin bands of stale cigar smoke,
swirling in a grotesque embrace,
dancing a dirty tango against quivering thighs.
Indecent shadows playing a childish
game of tag with fading thoughts
of yesterday, mocking fractured dreams
of lost, unrecognized tomorrows.

Do you see it?
through a haunting, whispering darkness,
two chilling eyes stare in a lascivious glare,
their angry sordid color that of dried blood
splashed across a barren, lonely sidewalk.
The vacant, midnight glow of an estranged street lamp
casting a final, eerie spotlight
splayed overtop misbegotten hopes.

Could it be my blood?
….perhaps it’s yours.

the sharp glint of something silver floating
on the edge of a pulsing blue light from a searching
police car, shadows dancing gaily
to a song of foreshadowed destiny.
Long, jagged fingernails claw at the flimsy fabric
of sanity, eliciting a startled scream of terror.

Did you just scream?
….perhaps it was me.

for the night is nothing more than broken promises
and shattered dreams. A lonely time when fears
become your single life line, sodden with hungry tears
grasping for those last threads of happiness.
A howl of forgiveness breaks the silent stillness …..

Eyes fly open, startled to awakening.
Darkness floats on slithering shadows,
dancing on the window to a flickering light of blue,

….as shadows dance in front of you….


As my fingertips angrily strike the keys I see
the longer hands of a shadow moving eerily
in a slightly different direction from my intention.
Extending my right hand, frightening fingertips
of shadow slither like a serpent over the keyboard,
caressing the dark brown, wooden surface of the desk.

Startled, I note that they are elongated and sharp,
like claws of a creature ~ the fanged and furry beast
I write about ~ the beast that forever haunts my
fractured dreams which create my stories.
Glancing through red, sleep-depraved eyes
I read about the innocence that once more dies.

Closing my lids to the burn of tortured insomnia
I pray that I will stay asleep, no more words of death.
“Open your eyes and write about me, about us,
about the power we possess together, the strength
of unity between humanity and beast. OPEN NOW!”
The voice was low, guttural, seeming to come from me.

The keys clicked and clattered, driven by fingertips
turned magically into vicious talons, blood on the
‘d’, and the ‘e’, and the ‘a’ ~ can’t take this insanity.
My anguished head moves as does the ominous shadow.
Who’s shadow? Not mine ~ CAN’T BE ~ muzzle long
and narrow ~ it turns, grins ~ drool dribbling on pages.

Heart pounding, I look towards the blurry screen,
harsh, white light glaring, black letters breathing,
like they have a life of their own, fetid breath of madness
so intense it cripples me with fear, fear of what it means.
Darkness moves in to replace the sinister shadow,
last waking moment seeing auburn fur upon my hands.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The aroma of strong, black, French-roasted coffee
increases my need for caffeine, the elixir I hope keeps
me from sleep and the wild, feral running of beasts.
Reaching for the newspaper I spread the front page.
Startled, horrified, amazed, the headline screams to me.
“Witnesses swear they saw a large, wolf-like creature.”

Tripping and stumbling towards the desk ~ my haven ~
coffee swilling from the large mug I barely held onto,
I wait with bitter disquietude, fearful of what I’ll see.
The stark manuscript appeared and with breaking heart
I read of murder, death and mayhem in Fairmount Park.
Tearfully I saw one long hair still clinging to my hand.


Bewitching time is but the sweet breath of night,
feral whispers sifting from a silvering moon
awaiting the explosion of a vibrant sunrise.
She calls forth to defile the beguiled,
sweet demonic daughter of the Chimera ~ ~
intoxicating Mistress of your fate.

Moving to the swirl of biting sands
with the sway of haunting palm fronds,
she dances ~ she twirls ~ she spins to evil madness ~
pounding heart of a lion surging to come alive,
bathed in moonlight before pre-dawn’s awakening,
nighttime breezes singing loudly for beasts to thrive.

Listen closely to the crackling winds ~ ~
can you hear the lion’s ravenous roar?
The moan and groan of hunger to be appeased,
carnal need to feel just one more sacrifice desired
by the lioness beast who is part woman born,
with the wings of a bird and serpent’s lashing tail.

She slides with silent grace through dark of night
seeing another victim walking the trail of shadows.
The she-beast whispers into his unsuspecting ear,
“Which creature in the morning goes on four feet,
at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?”
The riddle left unanswered, his heart belonged to her.

Soft fingers that caress like silken threads,
hands of a strangler flexed with brutish strength,
she revels in the power of one more conquest met.
Her magical beauty used to mesmerize and enchant,
demonic appetite thus sated with but one more
devoured soul, fresh taste of blood upon sweet lips.

In her twitching ears a fading beat from a dying heart,
consumed by human frailties, deceit and lies.
Roaring at a golden, resplendent moon she unwrapped
her wings, soaring into darkened sky towards the morn
of another approaching blood-red and tangerine sunrise,
her urgent desires satisfied, her hunger now subdued.

Gliding upon angry thermals, long wings spread wide,
sinister shadows brushed a shivering earth below.
Night after night her lion roared as death begets
more death, souls once lost upon the living now
within her chants the song of everlasting life,
for she is the Queen of Darkness, Demon of Destruction.

Came that fateful night she asked the question,
“Which creature in the morning goes on four feet,
at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?”
Oedipus smiled for he knew the answer to destroy her.
“Man – who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks
on two feet as an adult, and with a cane in his old age.”

With a painful growl that rumbled across the ground,
an angry roar that thundered though the heavens,
and a shriek that stilled all human heartbeats,
the she-beast cast her body from a ragged cliff,
the demon now devoured by lost souls within her ~ ~
terrifying night of the Sphinx to be no more.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Yet still, when silvered moon hangs high
and dark breath of night caresses me,
the growl starts low within my breasts.
Wild lion craves to stalk the streets
and raptor shrieks to flee the nest.
The demon beast will rule once more
for someone this night will surely die.

^ ~ * ^ ~ * ^


Neon splashed atop the cracked pavement
of a bleak, crime-ridden city street,
reflecting garishly off sightless,
soil smudged, haunting black windows.
Gutters littered with broken liquor bottles,
lipstick stained cigarette butts, and
three day old syringes, devoid of false dreams
and empty hopes. Sad refuse of fractured
lives searching for salvation from final drops
of bitter honey, or at the end of soulless,
disease ridden needles of temporary pleasure.

Somewhere in the distance a loud bang
shattered the quiet, unearthly stillness.

Inside the corner park one solitary, still unbroken
street lamp glared angrily down upon
a rusty swing set, one lonely, empty seat swaying
slightly from the push of a hot, stifling breeze.
Harsh light from the one glowering lamp
lightly bathed several half-comatose bodies
lying upon whatever brown grass remained,
or sprawled atop paint-chipped benches,
dreamless lives at sea somewhere between
abstract dissolution and bitter reality.

Somewhere nearby several sharp pops
echoed madly down a dark alleyway.

On the edges of this surreal darkness,
like a splintered string of Christmas lights
blinking on and off in rapid succession,
were the flickering lanterns of fireflies,
un-phased by surrounding poverty and pain,
drugs and soiled dreams that stained
the skin of those who had given up.
On and off, the tiny lights glittered gaily
within the darkness, a small armada of smiling
Tinker Bells, peek and twinkle, faultless sparkle.

Down an alley a loud explosion shakes the
blood stained bricks as a bullet seeks the flesh.

Behind the blank and sightless windows
are eyes that witness nothing, even if they do.
Beneath sheets of newspaper atop park benches
the numb and comatose do not move, fearful
there is one more bullet seeking death. Upon
the brownish grass lies a fresh body, coppery
scent of blood spreading in a stagnant pool.
Above this black pond the fireflies flicker on
and off, on and off, like lights from a deadly
carnival of the absurd, one more fatal statistic.

Far off the pleading wail of a siren,
another gunshot heard,
bullets passing through
an ocean of fireflies.


Through crimson mist and icy fog
I share my tears to stand alone.
Tis’ raven wing and eye of dog
that rips my flesh down to the bone.
I clutch your hand within my fingers,
sweet woman’s touch now formed of claws.
The pain of love now lost…..yet sadly lingers…..
your name thus whispered from savage jaws.
This human skin now gladly shed
is cast aside like haunted memories.
Your throat exposed as once you bled
through frightful screams and tortured pleas.
I still love you now as I did then,
yet shudder while my beast roams free.
Forever lost upon this bloody path when…..
fractured moon cries out to me
in dreams and fog of mystic beast.
Please share my haunted memories
if you so dare…..
to share with me the stroll
up angry path of crimson tears.
Behind this mocking door
sobs the memory I most abhor,
the mark of beast upon
my breast to shatter my humanity.
To shower at my feet the fears
that life has ceased to beat
with the beauty thus once held.
So come and take my hand,
or paw ….. or claw,
and let this wolf of mystic dreams
guide you up to stop and stand
before the altar where we’ll share
the blood of beast and man.
Push wide the door that leads to me
and all my haunted memories.


Drowning within the seediest, deepest depths of depravity
there is scant illumination, only shining obsidian,
an awakening that causes the mind to wonder if light
might ever again exist, brushed wildly across a darkened sky of pain.

A dank void of blank expressions, insipid darkness pervasive,
where sinners, lost hearts and broken souls crawl and claw
through a morass of loneliness that echoes off splintered minds
lost in a mountain wilderness where nightmarish beasts exist.

Buffeted by an onslaught of searing wind howling through
cement canyons of cities where shattered lives amid ominous death
shuffle across blood-stained sidewalks, stalking those who creep,
fear radiating like fiery heat from fractured nervous systems.

Resolute eyes downcast because to care is to show concern,
to be humanly concerned is a manic display of stupidity.
To be stupid is to court disaster for when no one truly cares
could the light at the end of the tunnel be truly there?

Or….is it oppressive panic as tortured souls realize that hope
is nothing more than a blind woman, society’s homeless angel,
living in fear upon street corners with soiled hands outstretched,
hoping for pennies that allow continuance of her fragile existence.

No one cares….only death in reality, society frowning upon the weak,
sneering wickedly through sharp fangs of wolves bared, preying upon
the helpless, claws sinking deep into hearts that are devoid of prayer,
staring into empty heavens where only darkness exists.

Dark mountains scream loudly, howls reverberating off wailing walls,
falling upon deft ears, those belonging to public officials
who feel that the blood of innocence should be mopped away,
for to truly care is to show frailty, hope left for the meek to display.

Distressful cries of the helpless echo tragically off empty hearts,
old ladies dressed in black attire, moaning to mourn the lost,
church candles flickering with the hot breath of demons
led by beasts who revel in sheer delight at the pain of humanity.

When will those who are able to truly care, extend a helping hand?
Will black ashes of the lost cast an evil darkness upon the sun?
Church bells peel out, crying for hope yet longing to be saved,
pure white collars stained with the haunted tears from our young.

A ravenous black cat with slanted yellow eyes stalks the dawn,
searching for scraps of skin and bone rotting in the stench of gutters.
Behind these scavengers preys the sinner man, red eyes glaring
like fallen stars floating aimlessly on a sea of superstition.

It is the hour right before your deepest nightmares become reality,
when packs of feral dogs sniff out fear of the dying, searching
for those who are vanquished, imprisoned within a layer of weakness.
Hidden high in ivory towers is society, where hopelessness dares not exist.

Swirling and hovering amid the panicky shadows of our fear,
the sinner man peers lasciviously into store windows gaily glittering
with lights that reflect a holiday spirit, when in a reality they are meant
to suck the life blood from the compulsive weakness of humanity.

With a black, beady-eyed crow perched upon his pointed shoulders
the sinner man smiles, rotted teeth dripping blood from devoured souls.
He is the angel of darkness, thriving to prey upon scattered dreams
that barely still exist within that final hour just before hopelessness.


Sometimes we go there,
to a very special place where thoughts
of pain and being alone are all but forgotten,
at least for a minute, perchance a longer time.
Closing my eyes I can hear your breathing,
strong and secure, so sure in the love we share.
A smooth and gentle whisper lying upon my ears
like lonely waves lapping against that distant shoreline
we once walked barefoot upon, the crush of warm sand
caught between our toes…fingers tightly interlaced…
so damn afraid to let go…to even open our eyes.

But then…the barest of words…
I love you
causes my heart to stop…then beat fast…
to quickly stutter…yes, to flutter once again.
My God
dare I reach out to see if this is real,
not perhaps just a dream, that the warmth I feel
beside me is from your body, the skin I always yearn to touch.
Eyes tightly shut, I desire nothing more than to enjoy
the sensual aroma of being so near to you,
the beautiful, lyrical notes of a magical harpist
playing angelically in the background, sweet music of lovers,
that special key to unlock this lonely heart,
the shaded window to my soul.

In the bedroom now…
a gently running brook just outside our window,
soft and gentle breezes blowing warmly…
gauzy, white curtains fluttering gracefully like butterfly wings,
a poetic dance of love and deepest desire.
It’s still within the quiet darkness of early morning,
the breath of dawn but a distant, far off thought,
never wishing this cherished moment to end.
Light from a full moon dresses our feet in silver frost…
cool sheets caress our backs…then a gentle kiss…
the sweet taste that lingers upon our lips…
a sensual tingle down my spine I pray never to be lost,
held tightly within your warm and protective arms
knowing that you’ll forever be near.

You reach for me…
I smile…
fingers placed where loving prints were so often left before.
We mold our bodies as one like interlocking pieces
of a puzzle we worked so hard putting together.
Your scent intoxicating like the finest of aged wines,
my head dizzy as your hands run softly over the heart strings
you often played with such finesse, the dexterity
used to propel me up the mountain and then
ever so gently carrying me back down.

It is the perfect place,
one I hope to never, ever leave,
never to let go of, to stay locked within these walls
just knowing that you’re here,
that you’ll always stay beside me.
Your anxious fingertips roaming…caressing…arousing…
opening wide these closed rooms within my soul.
Something wet now trickles down upon my cheek,
a lonely teardrop fallen in hopes that when I open these eyes
I’ll still see your smile, fully aware you are truly there.

This is a very special place…our perfect place…
so my sweet love, come travel with me now,
perhaps upon those exquisite wings of monarch butterflies,
to places we always yearned to spend together,
no matter whether my eyes are open or remain closed,
just reach out to hold my hand
and please…please…
never let go.


Somewhere your eyes set this heart afire
upon fingertips of silvered moonbeams ~
perchance these thoughts of deep desire
eagerly hunger for distant dreams,
where quivering arms doth anxiously embrace,
hot lips the warmth I yearn to taste,
early morning eyes with sweet glint of green,
reaching out to touch your smiling face,
each time I dream ~ ~ ~
~ Somewhere ~
* * *
Somehow these fates must bend our way
on bewitching arc of colored rainbows ~
mayhap we spread this gauze of gray,
earnest hands grasping for blessed tomorrows ~
how much this anguished heart cries out to you
o’er top these walls that block the ‘morrow,
whispered sighs of love to rendevous ~ ~ ~
~ Somehow ~
* * *
Sometime these dreams shall nigh come true,
oft tears of purpled passion ~
may happenstance carry sweet love to you,
ere’ these chains that shan’t unfasten ~
time grasps the pain harsh shackles may imprison
for’ chance we lose the fires which chasten,
my need for you forever risen,
this dream of you my constant prayer ~ ~ ~
* * *
Sometime ~ ~ ~
Somehow ~ ~
Somewhere ~


Holding you so near,
now and forever afraid to let go,
anxious fingers clutching desperately, not wanting
to sink below a love which I would dearly miss
if it weren’t always for that tender kiss.

A special kiss ~ such an enchanting touch of lips that taste
like a soothing, velvety caress of moon dust.
That warm sparkle in your eyes, enough to melt
the silent snow that drifts serenely down around us
in a cascading cloud of heavenly sweet bliss.

Not just a kiss ~ always a sweet, tender kiss, to bind our love
together in rhyme. The glitter of stars twinkling
ever so bright, like Cupid’s love struck, romantic eyes
that watch over us each and every night, allowing the dream
within my maudlin heart to bloom and spring alive.

For it’s never, ever just a tender touch, or a mere glance.
Never perchance the fleeting of love’s sweet desire.
Simply, it is that one very special moment ~ an everlasting kiss,
a deep, finger-stretching, passionate, intoxicating kiss,
when moist lips unite to ignite that forever sensual fire!


I stand alone,
a silent shadow!
My mind fears
a solitary sky
of somber blackbirds.
Two feisty chipmunks,
tails held high
like tiny spears
mock my sorrow
with salty words.
Blue magpies chatter
their wary warning,
“Please be careful.”
Over and over!
A smiling stone
quietly whispers hello.
Wiping away tears
as roses sigh,
heart now hollow,
your name windblown
on feelings shattered.
Sad eyes mourning
when blackbirds fly!


Standing upon a quivering shoreline,
I gaze with eyes of hope across the undulating
ocean of my life wondering now if …..
there will ever be room within
your world for me!

My love for you so boundless,
now forever lost and forlorn with
romantic thoughts of what might have been …..
fearful a love that once seemed so sincere,
could be sadly lost amid waves of tears!

Remembering the tenderness of our embrace,
a sweet brush of lips so warm,
sensitive caress of exploring fingertips…..
praying that you decide to stay,
though so afraid your ship might sail away…..



Soft, feathery dreams,
she moves with such fluid grace,
gray, nighttime shadows.

Her lips sweet roses,
red wine on a summer day.
Blood paints stars silver.

* *
Her smile bright sunshine,
echoes of warm caresses
fading to darkness.

* * *
Her touch electric,
sultry breeze so sensual,
difficult to breathe.

* * * *
Her fingers on fire,
icy folds of deep desire.
Ashes left burning.

* * * * *
Her eyes like black pearls.
Never ending galaxy,
a dead sea now screams.

* * * * * *
To forever be
the Lady from Yesterday,
thief of lonely dreams!

* * * * * * *


Slowly and painfully they cascade down,
sadly one atop the other
in a fragile and relaxed frown
of somber and forgotten headstones,
a lifetime of lost tomorrows.

One after another, like scarlet rose petals
that promise sweet smiles of
happiness in the coming years,
my prayers and dreams float ever
painfully on an overcrowded highway of tears.

Craving that even one tomorrow will be
more fragrant than yesterdays.
So tired of sobbing over what may have been,
while reaching out to discover
passing dreams of tenderness in loving ways.

Praying that thoughts of happiness will at last
overshadow this nightmare of dark sorrows.
Yearning that my rose of promise will
magically appear on a rainbow
of embraces, saying a final farewell to a
lifetime of tomorrows!


An enraptured moon of pumpkin-harvest orange,
gently caressed the fields with a soothing lunar flow,
early winter now picked clean by sleeping farmers
and a flock of overly fat, but sassy crows.

Upon the stroke of midnight, lonely clouds shall dance
as a glittering chorus of stars sing in perfect harmony.
It’s time for anxious lovers to cast a wistful glance
and let their deep desires sail upon romantic seas.

He hung forlornly upon a cross of wooden sticks,
this man of yellow straw and tattered clothes.
Waiting patiently all year, he stared through eyes transfixed
at a lonely figure clad in a torn dress of faded primrose.

She stared with urgent longing at this man within her dreams,
a long and lonely year gone by without feeling his tender touch.
The tingling rush of fingertips like soft and velvet moonbeams,
or the whispering caress of lips she sorely missed so much.

At midnight, stardust rained down from an amber-painted sky,
glowing brightly in a breathtaking display of sparkling tears.
Two rekindled heartbeats sharing a note of grateful sighs,
their eyes alive to dance on yet another New Year’s ~~~ Eve.

Frayed shirt, ragged pants and straw hat now replaced
with a tuxedo of brilliant black and satin lapels.
Moving quickly across the field he held her slender waist,
to welcome her inviting lips to his, entranced within her spell.

Lush auburn hair cascaded softly down around her breasts,
the blue silk of her gown whispering a quiet ~~~ “I love you.”
Dancing to the waltz of scarecrows, he held her to his chest
within a tight embrace, praying this night would but continue.

Just one sweet waltz this evening was all they were allowed to dance.
With the music sadly fading, they slowly returned to their places.
But right before their eyes went shut, they cast a tearful glance
to see their loving smiles still etched upon their faces.


Sometimes when I lie alone at night
with eyes tightly closed
I can hear the piano keys of my life ~

~ ~ ~
so ivory white
in their brilliance …

~ ~ ~
solemnly black
under subdued silence …

~ ~ ~

tastefully melodic
within such sweet perfection …

~ ~ ~

angrily raging
over misconstrued abstraction …

~ ~ ~

and yet ~
sadly out of tune,
missing a beat here and there,
nervous fingertips running up and down
lonesome arpeggios,
teardrops reaching to who knows where.

~ ~ ~
Flats of purple haze,
sharps of graying days,
softly singing moonbeams sigh
to the melody of
unrequited good-byes ~

~ ~ ~
the fading blues
of love’s unfinished symphony
dies out in my haunted eyes ~

~ ~ ~
but…..when I cry
upon these soft piano nights ~ ~ ~
I cry for only you…..

~ ~ ~


Rolling over onto my left side,
soft waves from the bed allow me to drift ever
closer to you on currents of love.
My wondering lips form a smile ….. ‘cause
I just know if I open my eyes but a hair
I fear you might not be truly there.

The awakening, twilight covered window to the day caresses
me with the breeze of your early morning breathing.
My eyes still closed as I greedily drink from
the joy of your nearness to me.
Oh God, you’re so thinkable, drinkable, sinkable.

Still afraid to crack my eyes open for fear
that you’ll disappear, I ease my right
leg up against yours, brushing ever so lightly
so as not to awaken you,
daring now to slowly slide my knee between the warm,
creamy fold of your thighs.

Ah you moan ….. moving ever so slightly.
My heart races because I know you’re really there.
Anxious fingertips of an exploring hand now
touching, feeling, caressing your lovely shoulder,
warmly basking within my daylight blessing.
You roll sensually towards me,
your lips now so close to mine that …..
I can feel your breath blanket me underneath
the silkiness of angelic purity.

My eyes open wide, sipping in the perfection
of your face, now free-falling deeply
into love’s good grace.
You open those deep, expressive eyes,
blinking in the sweetness of serenity.
Your lips form into that cute smile I love so much.

“Hey, honey, I love you,” I softly whisper.
“Mmmmm, I love you too Baby!”