Raindrops and Heartache

raindrops and heartache kerry l marzock

Raindrops and Heartache

(Sometimes raindrops and teardrops share the same dance)

Cold grayness of the day
brushed her face with a shade
of weathered alabaster,
raindrops drumming atop
a battered and blue umbrella.
Not from the raging storm,
but rather a haunting farewell
to love thus spurned.
Teardrops marched ever sadly
down a reddened cheek
to kiss sweet memories
she once lovingly caressed,
now madly swept
like rain drenched leaves
upon darkened streets.
Through loneliness……she wept.
Daddy wasn’t there
to kiss away her empty tears,
protect her from the fears
of touching heartache once again.
Alone to face rejection
like the silent chambers
of an empty gun,
tears now seared her face
to form scars
now painfully etched
upon weathered alabaster
from freshly fallen
raindrops and heartache.

(c) Kerry Marzock


A little senyru fun

Darkness sighs good-bye.
Your beast howls to blood-red sky.
Mourning brings sorrow.
* * * * * * *
Tragic thoughts scream out.
Feral eyes in painful shout.
Darkness sighs hello.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Humanity cries.
Raven sings in champagne skies.
Tears fall tomorrow.
! ! !
! !

© Kerry Marzock



….forlorn and weary worn
beneath an angry sky
of chiseled gray,
crimson teardrops sadly fell
atop lost thoughts of you
that splayed a longing spell
above a burning highway.


…..desolate and teary torn
across this broken pavement,
through charcoal mist of peering eyes
and veil of heartless scorn,
emptiness now sighs.
The wind cries in pleading sobs
within this burning highway.


…..kneel and pray on ragged thorns
upon a jagged tarmac.
Arms spread wide in silent
supplication, tragic hearts afire
amid silent wings of crows
that soar away with shattered dreams
above this burning highway.


…..nights and days now shorn
of kisses so devine.
A silken fog of empty prayers
with anger so benign.
Day becomes night as night
begets sorrow
at sea upon this burning highway.

!!!!teardrops charred!!!!

…..a seared and dying rose lies scorned,
forever lost and godforsaken,
still longing for that kiss.
Lips of dreams and gentle sighs
brushed scarlett red ~ ~ aflame ~ ~
{{{in icy, midnight’s bliss}}}

~~ forever lost along a burning highway ~~

© Kerry Marzock